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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Games Tech

For all the gaming enthusiasts who wish to have excellent, powerful and real time experience of racing games in their living rooms the latest Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedal set will prove to be an apt choice.
These latest real driving simulators will enable the users to enjoy their racing game with great power and precision. Metal is used in making of these accessories which include parts like gearshift levers, central spoke section of the wheels and others. The Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel weighs around 4.6 Kg and the weight of the entire pedal set will be somewhere around 7.3 Kg so as to give a realistic feeling to the users while gaming.
The wheels of Thrustmaster T500 RS is capable of providing rotation of 1080 degrees and moreover it also facilitates 3 full turns that features motorized stop. So now the gamers can easily make a choice between the degree of rotation as per the type of the car and the racing circuit. So if you wish to have exceptional racing experience then just get your hands on Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedal set.

be-B Braille Education Ball
The system of learning through Braille is widespread and found all over the globe. In order to make this Braille system even more interesting way of learning, Danielle Pecora has recently unveiled its be-B Braille Education Ball.
The latest be-B Braille Education Ball helps the blind as well as the sighted people to learn the system of Braille through a challenging and educational game. This ball features 26 magnetically attached pegs where on one side of each of the peg there is a letter from the modern Latin alphabet whereas on the other side is the corresponding Braille character. Each peg also has a matching hole in the ball.
The main object of the game is to match each of the letters with its corresponding hole. Every time when a peg is placed in the correct hole, a chime sounds and the name of the letter is read out. Thus the be-B Braille Education Ball really makes learning a fun.

Mionix NAOS 3200
Mionix NAOS 3200  is the latest addition to the list of gaming mouse available in the market. This latest mouse has all the features which should be present in the standard mouse of its class. The mouse has an integrated memory that will save a range of settings which enables you to connect it to different computers without doing the settings all over again.
The Mionix NAOS 3200 mouse has high DPI resolution of up to 3200 and it also features an adjustable polling rate which can help you to adjust it up to 1000 MHz. Customary LEDs are also present in the mouse to make it look meaner and it also comes fitted with 7 buttons which proves to be enough for meeting the demands of the hard core gamers. This mouse can also be programmed so as to meet the individual requirements. Mionix NAOS 3200 with clean, compact and matte finish looks comes with a price tag of €55.

Psyko Audio 5.1 Gaming Headset
For all the game lovers the latest Psyko Audio 5.1 Gaming Headset proves to be a real treat. With this interesting unit you will get to enjoy the real 5.1 surround sound in an amazing way as it has 5 separate built in speakers along with one subwoofer. The headphones deliver the exceptional and précised 3D sound. There are closeable flaps on each of the earphones which allow you to switch between the open and the closed cups.
The speakers of Psyko Audio 5.1 Gaming Headset in the headband of the unit is located in such a manner so that they transmit the sound down the waveguide in a tube where the sound travels till it reaches to the chamber where you have your ears and then the sound is heard. The box comes along with a removable microphone boom and 5.1 channel headphone amp. Psyko Audio 5.1 Gaming Headset can be all yours for $299.99.

HP Swing
HP Swing is the Motion Sensor Gaming Console introduced by the company which will provide treat to all the game enthusiasts in the country. Swing is considered to be the first motion sensor controller for a PC and it will offer highly immersive and communicative experience. This latest console is like Wii and provides real life action gaming experience with various games like basketball, pool, tennis, bowling and others.
Now onwards all the Pavilion desktop PCs from HP will act as console playground. The built in CUDA technology will provide enhanced Visual gaming affair to the users. Its dedicated graphic card will allow you to enjoy true to life visuals on the advance HP monitors. In order to further enhance your excitement level, 7 interesting games are packed along with wireless controller in it.
HP Swing is based on the body movements of the player so as to excite and thrill the users with its realistic visual gaming experience. At present the console comes along with HPs Pavilion Desktop PC with an approximate price tag of Rs.29,990.

Sony Metal Gear Solid
After depositing loads of profit from PSP Go, Sony has finally decided to launch PSP 3000 to make users crazy again. On 16th march, Sony announced the limited edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Entertainment Pack. It will be associated with a launch of stand-alone game that will come with tried and tested UMD format. Moreover, Sony claims that the game will provide a very new handheld gaming experience.
With this limited edition, many in-game exclusive contents are included like Camouflage Uniform and stealth gun which will unlock in primary levels. Sony will accompany Playstation Network Downloadable movie voucher and 2GB memory PRO Duo with this gadget. Movie voucher will be made available to US users under the title which is not declared yet. This product, no doubt, will create a storm in market. If you really want this incredible gadget in your collection then you must hurry as people won’t mind spending $199.99 for it.

Sony has unveiled its latest Motion controllers called “Move” for their PlaysStation 3 gaming device.Sony Move is a sensitive Motion Controller that has PS3’s eye camera which is capable of detecting the natural and intuitive movements of the hand and thus making the correct moves in the game.
This latest motion controller by Sony resembles like a microphone with a small ping pong ball shaped object on its top with LED inside. The Move can provide the movements in the game that includes play, running, guns, punching, arrows, bows and others.
The Sony Move is aimed at providing movements with appropriate and realistic approach along with rich gaming experience. This interesting new device will be available in the market from autumn this year and will surely provide a tough competition to its competitors like Nintendo wii User and Microsoft’s Christmas project.

D&D at Microsoft Surface
The students at Carnegie Mellon University have shown the version of Dungeons & Dragons which operates of the Microsoft Surface multi touch platform. Though this student project is not a professional development but it does indicate about the level of innovation.
The students at this project have taken the advantage from the ability of the surface which can recognize little tags and allows the control token to place your inventory and action whenever it is convenient. The game will also keep the track of the guy even if he has to move out from there. The Surfaceescapes is the proof of the concept which uses the Microsoft Table to play D&D.
The players attach the physical pieces to the virtual space that includes all the zoom interactions and the cool drag. The calculations are done automatically and the battles are animated with the creature that are intelligent enough to detect the players on the map while moving.

Spawn Labs HD720
Spawn Labs has introduced its HD-720 gaming console hub which proves to be a blessing for all the game lovers. This latest device allows the users to play  and enjoy their Xbox, Xbox360, PS2 , PS3 and GameCube  games even when they are away from their home.
These games can be connected to the consoles with the help of USB cable , A/V, Ethhernet Cable or even through Broadband network. This amazing device works similarly like Slingbox but allows two way communication and game playing in real time. HD-720 gaming console hub also allows your frinds to play a two player game using the same console  from their own house even if it is located in  another state or country.
This console supports Windows system so far and it requires a dual core CPU. Speed of 1Mbps for SD and 3 to 5Mbps for HD isrecommended. The HD-720 gaming console hub is available for a price of $200 and with an adapter for each of the specific game console is priced for $40.

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