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Here is a list of some of the best innovations to have hit the technology world during the course of last 10 years.
apple-iphone-3gApple iPhone - When iPhone was introduced back in 2008, the world stopped for a moment and even competitors were left without answers. No one before that thought of providing the user with crystal clear display and a touch screen that could be operated without a stylus. It changed the mobile market forever with the mobile apps.
OpenOffice.org-MS Office domination in the office suite applications was open office Golmutiunchallenged and Microsoft was sitting in an empire that was unchallenged. Then in July 2000 arrived OpenOffice.org, a free utility which made sure that MS Office and Microsoft were no longer number one
xpMicrosoft Windows XP – When Microsoft launched Windows XP, it was a huge hit right away. Microsoft launched many Operating Systems after the launch of Windows XP, but people have been unwilling to let go of XP. While XP has been successful; it is ironical that XP has been the cause of people disliking the future versions of Windows.
Apple iPod- Before 2001, people never thought they could carry 1000’s of music in their apple-ipod-nano2 golmuripockets. In October 2001, the iPod name became synonymous with portable media.
Nintendo WII – Do you want to play golf like you do in real life. Just take a swing as if you are holding the club. This is what Nintendo WII gave the world. A simple design and innovative idea soon became a Gamers’ delight and outsold competitors like PS3 and XBOX 360.
Opera Mini – Opera Mini paved the way for mobile internet browsing by rendering Opera Mini (WinCE)desktop version of websites with ease on the mobile. What extra it gave was great download algorithms to speed up download. And guess what, it worked on every mobile. So how much did you have to pay for it? Nothing! It was free and has been one of the must downloads for any mobiles.
Gmail – Google brought the Gmail providing users with a clean and simple UI to access mails that was meant for just one purpose. Check mails at blazing speeds. The mails would open within seconds. Also the user would not have to worry about space any more with GMAIL providing unlimited storage. And what’s more it was free as well.
ps2-photoSony Playstation 2 – Videogames seemed to be lost when PC arrived. But with the launch of Sony playstation boasting close to 2000 games and sales of close to 140 million units, gamers had shifted their interest back to the video games consoles. Playstaion offered brilliant graphics and amazing feedback.
Amazon Kindle- Do you want to read books digitally but don’t want to strain zALghKyour eyes reading books on a mobile. Meet Amazon Kindle – a light weight eBook reader that would let you browse and download books without the need of a wire and needs to be recharged once very 14 days. You can read and store 1000 of eBooks and reading on it simulates the feel of reading a real book.