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Thursday, November 1, 2012

BitTorrent Community Beware of CCI Hunt

By the end of 2012, the Centre for Copyright Information is planning to begin tracking down people downloading copyrighted content through BitTorrent networks. Beware of CCI, everyone!


Everyone understands that a lot of Internet users, both Americans and foreigners, prefer to download their favourite films, songs and games through BitTorrent networks. Few people are ready to give up their habits, but the chances are that the CCI will come for all of them.

The reason for so many “unauthorized” downloads to take place is that not all content is available to purchase – for example, “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” is almost impossible to find, because the show used some copyrighted music. Still, it doesn’t seem to concern the industries at all. The matter is that when the entertainment industry failed to have their way with SOPA and ACTA, they came up with another plan called CCI.

The Centre for Copyright Information has partnered with the largest Internet service providers in the country, including AT&T, Comcast, TWC and Verizon. Its purpose is to catch pirates using a system called the Copyright Alert System. The company responsible for implementing this system is MarkMonitor. Basically, its work job is to track all network traffic through ISPs, because copyright violation is claimed to result in over 373,000 jobs, $16 billion in lost wages, and $2.6 billion in lost taxes. The critics offer to compare these losses with the money spent on a petrol war or take into account that the independent expert that has been recently appointed to review all the gathered information appeared to be the RIAA’s former lobbyist.

Another problem announced by the industry observers is the so-called copyright protectors. Those are supposed to do whatever they can to defend content owners, but in fact, they only care about money. Indeed, it is very unlikely that if an independent artist comes to ask for help he will ever get it. Another interesting fact is that the industry took down 1,450,000 WordPress portals for some period of time only because of the one publisher who accused one portal of coming into conflict with the DMCA. It if continues this way, then the CCI will be doing nothing except claiming for money from the alleged pirates.

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