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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DDoS and SQL Attacks Lead the Chart

A recent report into hacker antics revealed that SQL injection remains a hot topic among the security experts. The result of the research, conducted by the insecurity experts,claimed that the issues discussed on hacker forums mostly focus on training and tutorials for information theft techniques like SQL injection.

Nevertheless, the report titled “Monitoring Hacker Forums” points out that no more than 5% of IT budgets include products aimed at mitigating attacks in the data center. Security experts claim that by examining what information the attackers share in the forums, they can understand where they focus their efforts. The main problem is that companies ignore SQL injection security at their peril while the hackers are focusing on their attacks. Today DDoS and SQL injection remain the most popular intrusion methods. One of them is used 19% of the time.

In the meanwhile, the survey on the security infrastructure worldwide shows that companies spent $25 billion on security software and network equipment last year, which is less than 5% of security budgets intended to products which mitigate SQL injection attacks. Today hackers also make attempts to push into social networking services: the report revealed that Facebook (at 39%) and Twitter (at 37%), were the most frequently discussed networking sites.

Security experts, when reviewing social network related online discussions, observed a black market for purchasing and selling illegal social network likes, followers, and endorsements. They paid particular attention to the origin of those likes and followers. It also turned out that most of the hacker forums were training newbies, with over 28% of the publications being related to hacker training, and 5% linking to hacking tutorials. 

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