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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Assange Has Health Problems

Ecuador is worried about Julian Assange’s health, because the latter apparently is noticed losing weight and experiencing some vision problems. The WikiLeaks founder is currently hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in the attempt to avoid being deported to Sweden in order to be questioned of sexual abuse. Julian Assange believes that he is too important to the world to just go and deal with the accusations that were invented by the federal authorities with the only purpose to get him extradited to the United States.

Now it turns out that living in the Ecuadorian embassy is bad for his health. In result, the Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino, had to request a meeting with his UK counterpart – William Hague. Ecuador had to ask the UK government for written assurances that Julian, who has been granted asylum by Quito, wouldn’t be arrested if he has to go to the hospital. However, the experts don’t see a reason why the British government would have to give such assurance to someone who isn’t its citizen and who has played the justice system for over a year now.

Moreover, given his previous behavior, the chances are that Julian Assange might simply sneak off to an airport instead of a hospital and escape to Ecuador. Then, after he arrives to a safe land, he might give a snarky press conference telling how he has defeated a plot of the federal authorities to keep him locked up in an embassy. Indeed, weight loss and eye sight problems can be very easily faked – all you have to do is eat less for a couple months and walk into a wall sometimes. Assange has also complained that he has a bit of a cough as well. By the way, he might also be losing weight because he works out using a running machine now, and also boxing and working out every other day with his personal trainer.

The Foreign Minister claimed he hoped that the UK government would pay some respect to human rights and international legislation. In the meantime, Ecuador’s deputy Foreign Minister confirmed that if WikiLeaks founder gets seriously ill, the government will have to either treat him at the embassy or hospitalize.

However, this is all news to the UK Foreign Office which had never got a request or heard that Julian Assange was under the weather. But they assured the press that they would certainly consider the issue. 

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