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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dotcom Warned by Authorities over Relaunching MegaUpload

Kim Dotcom has recently announced his plans to restart his file-sharing service. The US Department of Justice reacted quickly, claiming that if Kim furthers his plans he would violate the terms of his bail and face new criminal charges.

Of course, the news that Kim Dotcom is planning to introduce another alternative to the file-sharers didn’t make the entertainment industry and its legal guardians very happy. Department of Justice stated in a filing against Kim’s lawyers’ effort to dismiss the case against MegaUpload that Defense Counsel’s claim that the corporate defendant is able to and should be allowed to operate would undermine the sworn statements of MegaUpload’s founder that he doesn’t have any intention or ability to continue file-sharing operation or fund the businesses in the indictment during pendency of the extradition process.

The US pointed out that if Kim intentionally misled the New Zealand court about his plans and capabilities to get released from pre-extradition confinement, it might endanger his bail situation and subject him to additional criminal charges.

In the meantime, Kim’s announcement also came as a surprise for those who remember his statement about future business plans made this past January in New Zealand. He claimed that there was no realistic prospect or possibility to restart his file-sharing business because of the seizure of the requisite servers and data storage equipment, along with the seizure of all funds held both by the company and Dotcom personally. Kim added that it was likely that former MegaUpload users would consider any new iteration of the file-sharing service as unreliable, because it could again be subject to a further incident, with the American government taking action to shut it down and deprive users of having legitimate access to their content.

But now one of Dotcom’s lawyers stated that the US was simply attacking a technology before the full investigation, and not for the first time. They claim that Dotcom is innocent and entitled to be involved in both technology and business. It is quite interesting for many how this will eventually turn out and if Kim will manage to restart the same type of business that has already brought him both an empire and a heavy prosecution.

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