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Thursday, November 1, 2012

In-Car Wi-Fi Predicted to Boom Soon

According to the industry experts, in-car Wi-Fi has to boom with the automotive industry getting to grip with the popularity of various mobile devices. In fact, car manufacturers have been equipping the vehicles with cutting edge technology for a while now, with more and more microchips emerging in cars. The recent research suggests that the number of chips sold to the automotive industry will grow at a much faster pace than the rest of the industry, and the entire market will reach $28 billion in 3 years. Taking into account that Google lives out its sci-fi fantasies of the driverless cars, the ordinary car is expected to differ very much over the coming decades.

Besides, the researchers are predicting that the introduction of Wi-Fi will force the integration of tablets or smartphones with onboard systems, and it will become a norm in the next few years.

Thus far, not many manufacturers have been interested in-car Wi-Fi – for example, Audi has included Wi-Fi either as a feature or an optional extra. But the situation is changing rapidly – for instance, the experts forecast the eightfold increase of the market for in-car Wi-Fi over the next 7 years throughout America and Europe.

Although Bluetooth has been widely used by car manufacturers, it seems to fail to deliver the speeds possible with Wi-Fi, which can be able to fill in the gap and become a standard in the nearest future.

By equipping the cars with Wi-Fi, the manufacturers will allow drivers and passengers to share content from Internet enabled devices and create in-car hotspots. Those can be used to enable camera modules or wireless screen duplication. Maybe, there will be wireless car diagnostics or wireless software upgrade for the cars as well.

The researchers admit that Wi-Fi uptake will most likely be growing rapidly, especially with such advances as Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast. The report they issued after conducting a research says that the uptake of Wi-Fi in vehicles is going to be really aggressive. They also point at the promising Wi-Fi Alliance recent announcement about Wi-Fi Miracast. In the meantime, some industry players see this move being used in conjunction with MirrorLink for wireless screen duplication. In short words, the future for in-car Wi-Fi is more than promising.

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