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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Video Games Outfit Warned by Hackers

Troubled computer games company named Zynga is currently even in more trouble because of the well-known hacking group Anonymous. Zynga has laid off its employees a week ago and closed several of its offices just before its quarterly earnings call.

According to press reports, the hacking collective is miffed by the company and has already published a video warning. Anonymous openly says it is going to attack Zynga and Facebook next Monday. The hackers claim that Zynga and Facebook will be targeted because of the outrageous treatment of their staff, as well as their actions against some of the developers.

Anonymous claimed that the actions of the computer games outfit will lead to a massive layoff of 1,000 people along with legal actions against those who speak to the public about the plan. The hackers point out that these moves will finally result in the end of the American game market, with the jobs being replaced in other countries. However, the fact that infuriated the Anonymous was that Zynga was supposed to have a billion dollars in the bank while laying off its people. The hackers mentioned that they have confidential papers and the group will release all the games taken from the company’s servers for free. However, they promise to stop the free distribution if the company abandons the plan.

The acquired documents say that the company’s strategy for the next two quarters was set to delivery by the end of November, which means the loss of 800 jobs and raising of new capital from the market in order to support businesses. The matter is that Zynga is going to completely outsource the game development to its Bangalore office in order to hedge the company’s position in the long term. Zynga is currently buying new products from the 3rd parties like Lovers in a Dangerous Space time, Shove Prod and Music Invaders, where the company is writing business contacts to purchase content for the transaction value of around $20 million. These deals are expected to be concluded in the nearest future and Zynga is going to compete with these titles against competitors in mobile.

After the papers were published online, Zynga claimed they were copyright violation, so they have been pulled from the web. Thus far, company representatives didn’t provide any comment.

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