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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Streaming Site’s Operator Fined with $13,000

In the wake of February’s takedowns of a few largest sport-streaming websites, American authorities apprehended Yonjo Quiroa, an individual alleged of operating a number of portals which provided links to unauthorized sports streams. Now, the suspected operator is demanded to pay $13,000 in damages to 5 major sports leagues.


This past February, the US Department of Justice, in cooperation with ICE, seized a number of domains that offered sport streaming services for people all over the world. In February, the authorities also caught a 28-year-old individual – Yonjo Quiroa of Comstock Park, Michigan – and accused him of operating 9 of those domains. Among those, there were such portals as hq-streams.tv, sportswwe.com and sports95.com. Despite the fact that none of them hosted any violating content, all the services contained links to 3rd-party services.

According to an ICE officer’s statement, such links led to illegal streams of NBA, NHL and WWE events. Furthermore, the authorities claim that within the previous 2 years, Yonjo Quiroa earned $13,000 through advertisements. In the meantime, the suspected person was kept in custody, without right to bail. 6 months after his arrest, Yonjo Quiroa pleaded guilty for copyright infringement.

In 9 months, District Court Judge ruled that the 28-year-old individual served his time and should be deported, but only after paying $25 in criminal penalties and $2,600 for each sport league participating in the trial. This was the first known case when a sports streaming portal operator got convicted in the United States, and will most likely set the path for other cases.

For instance, Brian McCarthy, the founder of the Channelsurfing.net (another sports streaming service), was arrested last March. Finally, Richard O’Dwyer may also share Quiroa’s fate for running TVShack.

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