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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Explore Gadgets From The Past

German digital agency Jung von Matt has created an online shrine to fallen gadgets, tools and appliances of yesteryear.

The interactive YouTube site propels viewers on a trip back down memory lane filled with analogue originals and quirky computer voices.
"Although a digital replacement has been found for all these analogue tasks the charm of the originals can never be replaced," explained Jung von Matt on its branded YouTube channel. "Thus we have created The Museum of Obsolete Objects to house and exhibit those fading memories, not only to jog our aging brains but to also show future generations the lost technological marvels of the 20th century."
The Museum of Obsolete Objects is not the only place on the web where you can see how

technology has changed. To celebrate the third birthday of its Chrome web browser on September 1, 2011, Google took web users on an interactive online tour that tracked the Evolution of the Web.
For those of you who have already forgotten what an abacus is or those who need a refresher about how a radio receiver works, stop by the Museum of Obsolete Objects.
Want to know more about the gadgets and technology of yesteryear? Have a look at these online resources

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