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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soon, Google+ Searches To Come With Celebrity Endorsements

London, Sept 20 (ANI): Google will soon introduce a system where its users will be able to see which websites are favoured by their favourite celebrities.
Google's head of social advertising Christian Oestlian said Google would soon allow celebrities to register their endorsement of products associated with them.
For example, if someone searched for the Kardashian family's Kollection, they would find a link endorsed by Khloe Kardashians for the clothing line at US store Sears.
The new addition will work with Adwords, a product that already earns the company its billions.
Only a handful of stars, such as America's Kardashian sisters have so far signed up the deal, the Daily Mail reports.
The basic idea behind the deal is that stars will ensure they are linked to the products, Google earns money, and the internet users are steered clear of 'fake' products.
The new service is part of Google's social networking site Google+, where users can add a '+1' to pages they like, which is just similar to Facebook's 'Like' button.
Here, though, it will be used for stars to '+1' the pages that pay their wages, the paper said.
The endorsement feature, which will appear in the sponsored ads at the top of Google, is about to arrive in the US and will be rolled out in the UK later. (ANI)

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