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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apple Co-Founder Said MegaUpload Case Harms Internet

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, again criticized the US piracy case against MegaUpload, calling it “hokey” and a threat to online innovation. In May, Wozniak met Kim Dotcom, the MegaUpload’s founder, when he was visiting New Zealand to give a speech. Wozniak learned that Kim couldn’t meet him outside because he was under house arrest, and so the Apple co-founder arranged a meeting. The men have been chatting by email since.

Steve Wozniak claims it’s ridiculous what the US authorities did to Kim’s life, and too many citizens of New Zealand are supporting his point of view. The American government seems to be on thin ground. Millions of people used MegaUpload for legitimate purposes before the US authorities shut it down in the beginning of this year and filed criminal charges against its operators, including Kim Dotcom. Local police swooped down in helicopters onto the grounds of Kim’s house and cut their way into a room where he was hiding. Dotcom spent a month in jail before a judge allowed to release him on bail.

Steve Wozniak compared the cyberlocker with a highway, and file-sharers – with speeding motorists, saying that you can’t just close down the whole street because someone is speeding. Kim Dotcom, in his turn, said in the interview that the more users learn about this case the more they understand that this type of copyright dispute between Hollywood and new cloud storage technology becomes a political debate rather than criminal one.

Steve Wozniak thinks that people should pay for content, but the web should be kept open to encourage innovation. Anyway, attempts to shut down websites like MegaUpload are fruitless.

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