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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MegaUpload’s Founder Was Arrested Illegally

A New Zealand Court has finally handed down the decision saying that the local police, while acting for the FBI, raided Kim Dotcom’s mansion, arrested MegaUpload’s owner, stole computer information and sent it to the United States completely illegally.

Over 70 police officers were raiding Kim’s house at the request of the FBI believing that they only needed a general search warrant. However, High Court judge Justice Helen Winkelmann ruled that the warrants used in the seizure of property from his house near Auckland were illegal. Moreover, the Judge was very annoyed that the New Zealand police allowed FBI agents to copy information from Kim Dotcom’s personal computer and take it out of the country.

The court ruled that the warrants even failed to adequately describe the offences to which they related. The local police explained in a statement they were considering the judgment and were in discussions with Crown Law in order to find out what further action might be required.

Kim Dotcom is currently on bail in his home country, trying to fight attempts by the United States government to extradite him on charges of copyright theft and money laundering. His extradition hearing is now set for this August. Press reports quoted the attorneys who represent the American government – those said that they weren’t surprised with the court ruling. Their legal team would be discussing options, including the one about lodging an appeal.

American attorneys for MegaUpload have responded that the authorities can’t charge the cyberlocker with any criminal behavior because the company is based in Hong Kong. In addition, no papers have ever been formally served.

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