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Sunday, July 8, 2012

File-Sharing & Streaming On the Rise

Recent research released by one of the network security companies confirmed that P2P file-sharing and online streaming are on the rise, compared to statistics from previous years.


The regular report from the network security company offered a thorough view on global data usage, based on evaluating traffic from over 2,000 companies throughout the globe, and covering a period from November 2011 to May 2012.

Taking into account that the lines between professional and private life still blur, the results of the report show that many employees prefer using personal technologies such as Netflix and Tumblr at work. That’s why the key to out new digital reality is not to ignore the existence of these programs or ban them, but to manage their usage by policies which provide modern workforce with the needed flexibility without impeding on the business.

The businesses find out that they are able to successfully employ network security controls which enable Internet application usage for the workers while meeting quality-of-service standards for business-critical programs and managing security threats.

The report found out 3 important things:

1. Streaming video bandwidth consumption has increased by over 300%: if you compare the statistics with the last report, you understand that the total bandwidth consumed by streaming video has more than tripled, reaching 13%. Moreover, 34 streaming programs were employed on 97% of the covered organizations’ networks. Such increase was thanks to services like YouTube and Netflix in America and PPStream in Asia and Pacific.

2. P2P file-sharing is currently gaining popularity with the consumption spiking with 700%. 7 P2P clients and 13 browser-based file-sharing applications were found on 90% of networks throughout the globe.

3. Social networking remains a strong player gathering many file-sharing enthusiasts. For instance, Tumblr and Pinterest became very popular in the past 6 months. Meanwhile, at least one social networking client was found on 97% of the covered companies, with an average of 29 different social networking applications found on each company.

Another interesting finding: almost 1/3 of every dollar spent on bandwidth supports streaming media or file-sharing, with these two categories encompassing about 250 apps, most of which are dedicated to personal use.

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