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Saturday, February 18, 2012

British Pirate Party Opposed ACTA

The web everyone knows so well might end with Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement being put in force. This fact is realized by many netizens and caused too many protests against what is considered as the largest threat to the freedom of the Internet.


The Pirate Party of the United Kingdom recently announced its support for an international day of action against controversial copyright treaty known as ACTA late last week. The protests will be held in London, Glasgow and Nottingham. Previously, there were tons of protests against the agreement in a number of other countries – for example, in Poland the government websites suffered from the hacker attacks of the worldwide-known activist group Anonymous.

The experts point out that protests of this kind, coupled with political opposition, have managed to put another anti-piracy legislation, SOPA, to a standstill. However, Loz Kaye, leader of the British Pirate Party, has a major point stressing that the threats to digital rights and civil liberties were far from over. Indeed, it is vital that the opposition send a clear message saying that the people of Europe do not want Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

The protest was also started by a spokesman for Pirate Party Scotland, who hoped to see the country’s citizens out on the international day of action, demanding that free speech and Internet privacy online shouldn’t be eroded any longer. People are expected to let the political establishment know that the government can’t just bypass such “democracy” without people noticing.

In response, advocates of the international treaty claimed that the agreement in question was essential for an efficient management of international standards regarding different copyright vulnerable fields like film, music, and fashion industries.

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