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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tribler Is Fighting with Copyright Holders

It turned out that the consistent threats of the rights holders towards online services, their operators and Internet users despite the extent of their legality and legitimacy can also have positive effect. For example, they stimulate the innovative developers to come up with some new and sometimes amazing ideas to guarantee a free web for everyone. One of such ideas is Tribler.

Thanks to its decentralized design, this service can also be considered an invincible file-sharing application. The software designer explained that the only way to take this service down is to take the entire web down. The development of the service took over 5 years, with this piece of software having experienced 100% uptime since its launch, according to the researchers at Delft University of Technology in Holland.

The thing that sets Tribler apart from other applications is that its technology depends on the true power of P2P, which means that it doesn’t need any intermediate servers – the user’s computer will communicate directly with other computers running Tribler. The client’s creator, Dr. Pouwelse, explained that their key scientific quest is facilitating unbounded data sharing. The developers simply didn’t like unreliable servers and proved that with Tribler they had achieved zero-seconds downtime over the past 6 years. All of this was because they didn’t rely on shaky foundations like DNS, Internet servers or search portals.

As you can understand, the efforts of shutting down worldwide known cyberlocker MegaUpload were the first of their kind in the history of free web. Nevertheless, in case of decentralized applications like Tribler, the founder of copyright consulting company called Morganelli Group admitted that using the full power of the P2P technology could forever change the way BitTorrent is regarded today.

Without central location Tribler would make tracking people so much more important. At the same time, the consulting company admitted that this approach hasn’t been too effective earlier. They claimed that the crusade against a normal person has had very little effect because there are millions of people. If it was the central location, it would make for a very easy lawsuit. The service is already available online, but it seems to suffer from its popularity – the site sometimes welcomes new visitors with the apologizing message.

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