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Saturday, February 18, 2012

MegaUpload Shutdown Didn’t End Piracy

Following recent events, when dozens of online services were taken offline, started with MegaUpload’s shutdown, Filesonic and BTjunkie decided to stop their support for file-sharing. This made the entertainment industry think they can already celebrate their victory.

However, the reviews made by the industry members over file-sharing in the post-MegaUpload era proved that such celebration is a bit premature. If you want to find out the role of MegaUpload in the file-sharing community, you can take a look at the figures. For instance, the service accounted for 30% to 40% of all the file-sharing traffic, but right after it was shut down in the middle of January, the overall traffic dropped between 2% and 3%. The same study pointed out that only a handful of file-sharing portals constituted the majority of the overall file-sharing traffic.

For example, MegaVideo accounted for an astounding 34% of all file-sharing traffic last month, just before the government raid. At the same time, Filesonic had 19% of the market share. The research revealed that former MegaUpload users focused on similar portals, like Putlocker or Mediafire. However, the migration only had insignificant impact, taking into account that MegaUpload’s servers mostly relied on the US server provider called Carpathia Hosting.

In spite of the efforts of the content industry to fight online piracy, coupled with those of the American government, the facts are that the file-sharing community is not going to fall at all. The news emerged that the world’s largest torrent tracker The Pirate Bay is currently adopting magnet links instead of .torrent files, at the same time introducing another new feature – downloading physical objects. Both of the features were announced before the authorities’ raid, but now their development became of the primary importance for The Pirate Bay. The site operators are doing everything very fast, so the downloaders won’t be waiting for long.

Bottom line is that act of MegaUpload’s disappearance wasn’t unnoticed, though the BitTorrent community is still moving further, with the community finding new ways of keeping the sharing culture alive.

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