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Thursday, February 2, 2012

User Files Will Be Deleted From MegaUpload

Once MegaUpload was closed down by the authorities, millions of people found out they lost access to their legitimate files stored on the file-sharing website – from personal information to work-related content. So it is of no surprise that currently people are not happy about the situation and want their files back as soon as possible.


But the hopes of the users to get their content back dropped down with the announcement of the US attorney that MegaUpload’s database may be destroyed by the end of this week. Ira Rothken, MegaUpload attorney, admitted that the company had got a letter last week from the US Attorney. The latter declared that an imminent destruction of the cyberlocker’s user data files could happen this week. The website assured its users that it was doing whatever possible to protect the users’ interests, but there wasn’t much to do without help from the government. In fact, the imminent information loss will be presented as a result of some unpaid bills at hosting companies where some of the cyberlocker’s servers were leased.

Still, the users are hoping that the United States and MegaUpload would unite in attempt to avoid such a consumer protection calamity where innocent Internet users would permanently lose access

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