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Monday, February 6, 2012

MegaUpload Users Might Recover Their Files

When it became known that MegaUpload’s database was going to be destroyed, the Electronic Frontier Foundation cooperated with Carpathia Hosting to try and help users recover their non-infringing files.

These two companies created MegaRetrieval in an attempt to help MegaUpload users recover their authorized documents that were stored on cyberlocker’s servers. The representatives of the Electronic Frontier Foundation admitted that they were troubled that so many legitimate users of Megaupload.com had their content taken from them without any warning. They were also outraged that the authorities haven’t taken any steps to help them. As a result, they thought it would be important that those users have their voices heard with this process moving forward.

According to the earlier reports, it became known that MegaUpload used 3rd-party companies, such as Cogent Communications Group and Carpathia Hosting, to host their content. It came as a surprise to many when Carpathia Hosting claimed it had never had access to MegaUpload’s data, but still wanted to help the Electronic Frontier Foundation in its efforts.

Chief Marketing Officer of Carpathia Hosting, Brian Winter, confirmed that they supported the consumer outfit and its attempts to help those users that stored their private, non-infringing data with MegaUpload to recover their files. In addition, the US Attorney’s Office has filed a letter to inform 3rd-parties companies that MegaUpload’s database is scheduled to be destroyed until today, but after all a fortnight extension was granted after a number of parties had a talk with the government. So, it’s good news for everyone who had their content like work documents and family albums stored with MegaUpload.

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