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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Online Games Can Ruin Your Marriage

Since the Valentine’s Day is over and we can see the results of this holiday of love, a group of researchers has produced a very useful advice. Actually, a lot of people knew the fact, but few realized it could really go that far. You are right, playing online video games could easily ruin your marriage, unless you manage to persuade your wife or husband (and maybe kids as well) to join the action with you.


Although some people claim that a little of role play is able to spice up a marriage, this does not seem to be true. That’s what appeared to be the conclusion of research into the adverse effects of playing role play games like legendary World of Warcraft anyway, that had taken place at Brigham Young University.

The researchers revealed that 75% of people married to an online RPG game player would prefer that their spouses spent less time slaying goblins in a world populated by the avatars of American teenagers, and chose cultivating a state of domestic bliss instead. The research in question involved 349 couples, and it came to unsurprising conclusion that usually husbands – of course, it was predominantly men playing RPGs – could seriously annoy their family, creating some “negative impact” on family relations.

Unsurprisingly, with men intent on playing RPG into the wee hours of the morning, it often sparked arguments with their spouses, which could lead to less time spent together in shared activities and less serious conversation, as well as other similar symptoms of a common dysfunctional married life.

For example, one of the married game players admitted during the interview that he would be on the receiving end of a bollocking from his wife sometimes. He gets told off, because gaming means he spends less time with children, which annoys women massively. Another married guy claimed that RPG playing only makes his partner think he is ignorant and hard to talk to while playing.

However, the research discovered some more unexpected facts than men avoiding their partners. It turned out that many women would be glad to join their husbands on the action, which could apparently lead to greater happiness in their marriage. In fact, only 76% of gamers confirmed it had some “positive effect” on their marriage.

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