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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taiwan Will Switch From WiMAX To LTE

It appeared that Taiwan’s experiment with WiMAX is currently on a road to nowhere, according to the information revealed by a newly appointed minister.

Despite the fact that Taiwan has had working WiMAX for a while now, the industry admits that the subscription rates haven’t impressed. As a result, the country will need to offer LTE along with global trends.

An ex-Google exec who made it to minister, Simon Chang, confirmed during the interview that LTE would most likely race past WiMAX in Taiwan. Simon Chang claimed that a country-wide shift to LTE would most likely leave the operators who have already invested in WiMAX technology in the dark. In addition, there will also be questions regarding the way of building the LTE networks with 3rd parties as contractors. The local legislation says that potential 4G operators are obliged to be able to offer at least 70% coverage, which the minister concedes is a sort of a problem of technical nature.

According to the media reports, in 2011 Taipei Computer Association chairman J T Wang revealed that the Taiwan’s 6 WiMAX operators would have no way out except of merging, because they stand no chance of staying competitive on their own merit. Within the five last years, since the operators have gained their licenses, there have been only a little over 130,000 subscribers by the end of 2011.

One day, WiMAX was the favorite 4G standard for Intel. The latter has been promising time and time again that Intel would always "remain committed" to WiMAX, but eventually the giant shifted to LTE. So, Taiwan – the country which thought it had Intel’s support – is ultimately waking up to LTE as the most convenient network to go with.

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