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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Australia Interested In iPhone 5

It looks like a triumph of Apple marketing – according to the statistics, the Australians are more interested in the unreleased iPhone 5 than in a cyclone threatening to kill them, or the Japanese tsunami, which also threatened to them.

Google released statistics saying that cyclone Yasi, which should have turned millions of the country’s citizens to the web to gather survival data, simply paled in comparison to the number of people searching at the same time for gossip on the iPhone 5.
If you don’t know this, Apple hasn’t even released this device yet – the company decided to go for a phone identical to the previous iPhone 4 with a faster chip instead. That would have been a huge annoyance to the brand’s fanboys. Maybe that’s why the rumored iPhone 5 made its 2nd appearance among the "fastest rising" general Google searches, topping that list as well. By the way, the game Minecraft came in after it and Cyclone Yasi came after both. As we can see, even if a cyclone hits Australia, it would be very surprised to find most of the country playing games.

What is more interesting in this regard is that planking, singers Adele and Rebecca Black, Rugby World Cup, and iPhone 4S all made the top searches. This means that more people searched for the death of a British singer Amy Winehouse than that of Osama bin Laden. At the same time, bin Laden's death was knocked to #3 as the top most searched for death. Industry experts are worried that a person, who has done so much to overthrow the West in our century, was beaten by the death of some 3rd-rate presenter in a drink driving accident. Meanwhile, Princess Diana was #4 on the list even fourteen years after her death.
As you can see, Google statistics can’t be regarded as all good news for the Apple cargo cult. Although the Australians are interested in the iPhone 5 more than perhaps in their own lives, they still don’t seem to be interested in the death of the Apple messiah Steve Jobs, as the latter came in at only #5. However, this is only Google’s statistics, and it might be not correct for all search engines.

Indeed, this search giant’s figures are a bit odd: for example, Hugh Hefner came in at #8 and Jackie Chan came in 10 in spite of the fact that they both are still alive, but only subject to death rumors this year.

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