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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Russian Hackers Vote

Part of the Russian news sites appeared to be inaccessible because of DDoS-attacks, high traffic and poor technical training. Those accessible feature faked information about the election results.


Election Sunday in Russia turned out to be a disaster for online services. By the evening of the day websites of the largest newspapers, radio stations and news agencies were completely offline or experiencing outages. Most of the services were highlighting the situation on the elections, trying to track the efforts of multiple voting in different areas.

According to the experts in information security, the most extensive DDoS attacks were launched at the radio station “Echo of Moscow” site and the service “Votes”. At the moment the experts point out at the intense attack on the sites telling about the preliminary election results. The attack is carried out by a large botnet dispersed around the world, with a lot of attacking computers located in the United States, China and other countries. Meanwhile, there are few Russian IP addresses. Security experts also noticed something like the attack at the service “Votes”, but they registered mainly Russian IP-addresses and those from the ex-Soviet Union countries over there.

German Klimenko, the well-known Internet expert and owner of the statistical service Liveinternet.ru, explained that last Sunday the traffic to the news media was much more than usual over the weekend, which could also lead to unstable operation of the resources.
Indeed, the attendance of opposition resources increased by 20%, with people visiting to monitor information on violations during the election. That’s why every major website is constantly exposed to DDoS-attacks, but when combined with the increased traffic, it can lead to the consequences the resources weren’t prepared for.

At the same time, Anton Nosik, the owner of bloghosting LiveJournal, which has been experiencing cyber attacks since Monday, is sure that DDoS-attacks on major Russian resources must be investigated by law enforcement agencies. He is going to insist that no such episode was left without recourse to law enforcement and supervisory authorities. The latter should investigate the inaction of the police. Nosik argues that LiveJournal has twice appealed to the police because of the attacks it suffered in the spring and summer of 2011. However, criminal charges were never filed.

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