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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Facebook Will Sue Mark Zuckerberg

The most popular social networking service in the world, Facebook, has taken a decision to say that enough is enough and it is going to sue a guy having the same name as its founder Mark Zuckerberg. He appeared to be an Israeli entrepreneur who recently took the Facebook’s founder's name. Prior to attaining the spiritual heights of Zuckerbergness, the guy was just a simple Israeli named Rotem Guez.


After having seen the seventh heaven (which is considered the true and invisible way of Zuckerberg), he was transformed by his revelation and deed polled himself to be an avatar of his holiness. However, Facebook service has refused to give him a profile bearing this new name and the guy disappeared and later has been sued. Later, Zuckerberg- Guez co-founded Like Store, a social marketing firm engaged into selling companies Likes for their brand pages.

The law firm Perkins Coie, representing interests of Facebook, threatened to sue Rotem Guez, saying that the Like Store infringed the social network's Terms of Service. The threat told Rotem Guez to go forth and multiply and never come back to the promised land of social network ever again. Meanwhile, Rotem Guez officially announced plans to change his family's names as well, because they will be like Zuckerberg, face unto face.

It seems that it took the company a week or something to get wind of that one and to threaten to launch a lawsuit against Zuckerberg's still existing Like Store. According to the local newspapers, nothing can stop Facebook from pursuing someone with last name being Zuckerberg, since it really makes them look very silly, and that’s what most likely should be the very idea of the entire affair.

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