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Sunday, December 18, 2011

MegaUpload Will Sue Universal Music Group

After Universal took a pop video created by MegaUpload off YouTube, the hosting service took a decision to sue the music group.

MegaUpload has started a campaign on Friday, caused by a Printz Board-produced track, created in collaboration with some famous recording musicians. For example, P Diddy, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, and The Game demonstrated their support to the hosting service, and it seems that the IFPI and RIAA don’t like that much. Once the video in question started to gain success through Twitter, YouTube blocked access to it at the request of Universal and IFPI.

Last week, MegaUpload’s founder required YouTube to bring the video back and not to allow Universal take action again. That’s where the controversy started heating up. MegaUpload CEO claimed that nothing in their song or the video belonged to Universal, since the company had signed agreements with all musicians endorsing MegaUpload. Meanwhile, all efforts to reach out to Universal Music Group and start a dialog about the DMCA abuse were treated with unfounded legal threats and demands for an apology.

Unfortunately, MegaUpload was attacked and labeled as a “notorious” service by such outfits as the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, representing music and movie industry. However, the cyberlocker’s record of closing accounts of repeat violators and taking offline copyrighted files proves that MegaUpload stands against piracy and cares about the copyright owners. But even when the company has always complied with legitimate takedown orders, it wasn’t enough for the entertainment industry: now it asks for more while advocating the new SOPA legislation.

Universal is said to currently be lobbying lawmakers for the law that would allow them to not just delete certain material from a site, but to take down whole sites from the web. After such demonstration of the abuse of power by the music label, MegaUpload is sure that this tool of web censorship shouldn’t be put into the hands of multinational corporations. The service also suggests that such companies abused their powers when they have taken a decision to filter their song campaign on YouTube. In order to show their own power, MegaUpload is going to bring back MegaBox, an app that is able to rival with iTunes, because 90% of the sales would go to the musicians.

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