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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Julian Assange Petitioned Supreme Court

The so-called “perpetual thorn” in the side to the authorities all over the globe, Julian Assange, was told that he has no right to appeal his own extradition.


Nevertheless, in what the local media described as a possible lifeline to his legal fight that has been lasting for a year already, Wikileaks founder has been provided with a chance to petition the Supreme Court. He wants to voice the argument that the Swedish authorities might not have had the right to demand all-European arrest warrant. Although the High Court did not deliver the ruling on the argument, it still agreed that Assange’s legal team should have the chance to petition the Supreme Court , which he now has two weeks to do.

According to media reports, Julian Assange seemed very pleased by this decision. He considers it a victory, with his lawyers in Sweden saying it is very good news that Julian will stay in the United Kingdom, at least for now. Wikileaks founder maintains that the charges he faces, including accusations of rape, which industry critics claim are both discredited and phony, are only the excuse for the politicians to lock him up, while the real reason is that they don’t like what he was doing.

During the interview with the local newspaper, Julian Assange’s mother, Christine Assange, explained that there were some troubles with the appeal request from the very beginning. She explained that Julian appeal application went to the same people who denied him the right to appeal earlier. In addition, it is on grounds of “public interest”, which his mother argues has been entirely hijacked by political interests.

Christine Assange thinks that the European Arrest Warrant had its safeguards stripped away after the 9/11 disaster and is currently being used “across the board”, and represents the way of fast-tracking Wikileaks founder to the United States. If Julian Assange ends up in Sweden, his mother warns, he could find himself in prison indefinitely before even being charged, and kept in solitary confinement in Gothenburg prison. Christine Assange also explained that, according to her view on things, due to a bilateral treaty between Sweden and the United States, extraditing Julian to Sweden would get around the normal safeguards and become just a “tick box straight to America”.

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