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Friday, December 2, 2011

UK Will See Broadband Improvement

Chancellor George Gideon Osborne recently announced £100 million (around $160 million) to be spent on broadband improvements within some infrastructure projects.


He has earmarked £5 billion in spending to enhance the country’s infrastructure, trying to get the United Kingdom back into shape after more financial misery. Meanwhile, £100 million are to be spent on 4 British capital cities (London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast) in attempt to bring broadband to the international level. Internet service providers will be able to bid for the cash in order to fill up urban areas with short connectivity.

Osborne hopes that investments will be able to boost broadband to speeds of 100 Mbps. Meanwhile, the current average broadband speed in the country is only 7 Mbps. While Vaizey was hesitant to encourage faster speeds, Osborne is, on the contrary, trying to placate the people with quicker means to sharing movies they can’t afford to purchase.

However, industry experts believe that these promises will not amount to much, since the pledge is no more than a drop in the ocean compared to what is really required. These investments will only help to infill the districts of a city that currently lack great service. After 4G happens, the cities will benefit first mainly, as it will provide better speeds. At the same time, smartphones and video services will eat up data allowances fast.

The experts still admit that it is quite encouraging to see that the government is pledging to enhance broadband services across the United Kingdom. The country’s infrastructure needs rejuvenation, so a super-fast network to the citizens can be considered a key element in the Chancellor’s plans.

At the moment, the United Kingdom is behind Japan, most of Europe and the United States in terms of average speeds, which can’t be good anyway. Fast and reliable connectivity is undoubtedly a necessity for businesses all over the United Kingdom, not only within the biggest cities. For example, there are still so-called “broadband blackspots” throughout the country, which harms small businesses that are lucky to have even the slowest speeds.

Despite £100 million earmarked for developing the broadband network in the capital and other largest cities of the country, delivering an appreciable average speed to people in rural areas must also be of equal importance.

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