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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kaspersky Lab Will Quit BSA Over SOPA Support

One of the largest computer security laboratories in the world, the famous Russian Kaspersky company, is planning to quit the anti-piracy lobby outfit for software firms, Business Software Alliance, also known as BSA, next month. The company has taken this decision because of the BSA’s strong support for the debatable American anti-piracy legislation called SOPA.

According to the Russian newspaper “News” (“Izvestia”) report, Kaspersky is not the only tech company concerned about the impact SOPA will have on the industry. For example, the largest Russian social network InTouch (“VKontakte”), has been recently targeted by the Motion Picture Association of America and labelled as the largest copyright infringer.

A representative of Kaspersky company also said during the interview to “Izvestia” that the legislation proposed in the United States will become a serious threat to the evolution of technology. Kaspersky Lab also admitted that the company has decided to quit Business Software Alliance because it doesn’t want to be associated with this kind of legislation. The Russia’s largest antivirus company has promised to release an official statement in the nearest future, announcing its position.

Meanwhile, Business Software Alliance can boast a quite impressive list of members, including such software giants as Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, Apple, Dell, and McAfee. This past October, the outfit has publicly expressed its support to the SOPA bill, introduced in the United States. However, the SOPA appeared to be so controversial that because of this surrounding it has already determined a lot of companies worldwide to boycott it. Among them are such companies as Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Twitter. Right after Business Software Alliance expressed its support to the legislation two months ago, a hearing was held with such guests as the Motion Picture Association of America, AFL-CIO, Pfizer, and Google, being the only voice speaking against the legislation at that meeting.

In respond, the CEO for Business Software Alliance, Rober Holleyman, wrote after the hearing in question that the outfit still supports SOPA, but admitted that it “could sweep in more than just truly egregious actors”.

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