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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Microsoft's Cloud Regarded “Unpatriotic”

Surprisingly enough, BAE Systems made a decision not to use Microsoft's Office 365 cloud due to the fears that it has been effectively providing British technology ideas to the Americans. This news should send a chill up the spine of people who believe that Microsoft's Office 365 cloud-based service might be a great idea.


According to media reports, the BAE's head of strategy and design claimed that Microsoft failed to guarantee the company's information would never leave Europe. In other words, anyone could get it by simply showing up at Microsoft with a Homeland Security backed warrant. The company blamed the American Patriot Act for killing off Microsoft's promising cloud operations, because it was senseless using any American outfit while the United States spooks could get their sensitive data.

In fact, the industry observers have been expecting this for a while. Microsoft UK's managing director admitted that, unfortunately, no firm, even the software giant, could entirely guarantee that the information stored in the cloud won’t leave Europe. In addition, the European Data Protection Directive is going to make some changes in order to prevent the United States from exploiting the flaws in the current legislation. In other words, the firms won’t be allowed to use cloud-based systems subject to American controls.

The statistics show that 85% of European companies cited international regulations as the main trouble, particularly the American Patriot Act. Indeed, the geo-location of that information and who has access to it is the major killer for adopting to the public cloud. Aside from this, another problem about the cloud is outages that users have suffered recently. This could only demonstrate how little control users can actually have.

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