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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Canada’s Artists Call For Legal File-Sharing

Songwriters Association of Canada is one of Canada’s most prestigious assets, with members including Bryan Adams, Randy Bachman and Carole Pope. The outfit’s Vice President Jean-Robert Bisaillon claimed that the web has animated the music business, and this claim actually reflects the group’s views on file-sharing. They believe that file-sharing is actually the best music provider people can have today, so instead of fighting progress the copyright owners should better think of making it legal, while compensating the musicians who choose to share their content.

The outfit explained how file-sharing represents an opportunity, not a threat, to the entertainment industry. In addition, it’s also trying to gain the stakeholders’ sympathy by pushing the idea of monetizing file-sharing via a licensing system for consumers. The group pointed out that by monetizing behavior instead of any specific technology, musicians and copyright owners will create a basis for the business model which is able to continue for decades instead of trying the impossible task of monetizing the ever shortening cycle of changing technology.

Songwriters Association of Canada believes that the practice of file-sharing is actually great and virtually unstoppable. That’s why they want to establish a regime letting everyone to keep on doing this without stigmatizing the consumers but rather looking for a way for musicians and copyright owners to be compensated for their works being shared.

Another positive aspect is that people will be able to find music which isn’t available in the commercial realm offer. They will also be able to find a higher quality and afford music even if they are poor. Most importantly, consumers will be able to discover new musicians and recommend them to friends.

Meanwhile, the big labels’ concerns aren’t actually focused on the musicians’ wellbeing, since they try to control the market as long as they are able to and as long as it will bring them profit, even if it is derived from legal action. On the other side, music is proved to be much better off with the Internet, as it allows for musical discovery regardless of distance and time, sparking co-operations between artists unimaginable before. Finally, it was the web that has helped musicians to book international tours without expensive long-distances charges and postal delays.

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