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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Facebook Will Compete With iTunes

Every day we can see people downloading music from a PC to portable players like iPod. Still, many of us find it complicated to find and install programs allowing to do that – it takes both time and nerves of not tech-savvy users. Soon a new service will be introduced by Facebook, which will allow 750,000,000 Internet users to have access to millions of music immediately through Facebook. This way, they won’t even have to install any special software on their computers.


Facebook has taken a decision that could put the social network in direct competition with such world-recognized service as Apple’s iTunes. It recently became known that the company is going to introduce its own free online music service. The launch of the service is scheduled as soon as this month.

According to multiple media reports, the music platform will soon be unveiled at the social network’s developer conference. The latter is scheduled for 22nd of September in San Francisco. All the users know thus far is that the new service would allow 750,000,000 users to obtain access to millions of music tracks right through Facebook. In the meantime, the users won’t have to install any special software on their personal computers.

Another good news is that it is highly likely that some of the songs available though the website will be completely free, and that Internet users will be able to purchase tracks through the website. In fact, this move seems to pitch Facebook head-on against Apple’s iTunes.

Representatives of Facebook explained that a lot of the most popular music services throughout the globe are already integrated with the social network, and Facebook was constantly discussing with his partners the ways to improve the situation. However, up to date Facebook’s spokesperson refused to provide any further details of the new services.

Industry observers believe that one of the likeliest candidates to collaborate with Facebook in this project is Spotify. This Swedish-based music service is currently used by 10,000,000 people across the world, and it is very popular in the United Kingdom. At the moment, the legitimate service offers a library of 15,000,000 songs for free, which can undoubtedly be considered as a very serious challenger to Apple’s iTunes.

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