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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Industry Afraid of Monopoly, Not Piracy

During the annual MIPCOM event that took place in Cannes this week, the head of Miramax, Mike Lang, claimed that today piracy has become less of a problem for the entertainment industry. Instead, the real trouble is the monopoly set by such corporations as Apple over the distribution of digital products.


Local media brought to the public attention the reports of the industry observers revealing that the CEO of Miramax has highlighted a really important issue. Indeed, while the industry keeps moaning that digital distribution tends to facilitate digital piracy, the actual problem remains another – lack of choice for the end users. Mike Lang claimed that piracy really wasn’t the bigger problem for his company or for its library, as it had been lack of exploitation, just not getting it out there.

The experience of Mike Lang in this field wasn’t in vain, because he realizes that the more sources of legal material exist out there for the users, the less piracy the industry faces. However, by the moment the music industry ultimately understood the real problem, it was already too late: such corporations as Apple had already set a distribution monopoly, thus bringing competitive marketing to an end. The Miramax’s CEO also issued a warning to the film industry, saying that this kind of business has to be very cognizant of that, too. He pointed out that his own company has already made the first steps towards improving the situation by making a deal with Netflix and Hulu. Miramax claimed it wanted multiple players to be successful.

Lang added that it was really important for a movie industry to try and let numerous players in markets all over the world. The deal Lang was talking about represented a huge step towards the future that Miramax took by signing with Netflix this past May a contract allowing it to stream multiple films released by Miramax, such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, or Good Will Hunting.

Moreover, Miramax took a decision to collaborate with Hulu, which allowed them to display films without any commercials on Hulu Plus, while rotating fifteen movies a month with commercials. The industry experts hope that Maramax’s example will set a fortunate precedent in the streaming business.

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