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Monday, October 17, 2011

Threatened To Expose News International

Sabu, LulzSec public mouthpiece, has recently made additional claims about a cache of emails pinched from News International. However, the outfit pointed out that it won’t be unleashing them just yet.

While it seems to many that the UK police can be considered the last people to trust to conduct an inquiry into phone tapping of News International, more and more industry observers consider a group of wanted hacktivists as the best hope for revealing the truth.

During a revealing interview for the anonymous hacktivist, it was found out that a Chinese server was at the time holding around 4GB of emails leaked from the Sun. After a hacking group’s high-profile raid on the newspaper’s server, Sabu announced via Twitter that a bunch of emails had been pinched. Despite the fact that this wasn’t verified at the moment, Sabu again said during an interview on Reddit that those emails, as well as a host of others, are really in his possession.

Nevertheless, “because of timing”, the media savvy group won’t be publishing the above mentioned emails just yet. Meanwhile, Sabu announced that in the stolen data there was information from HSBC and other banks, though there were “no smoking guns yet”. It is still not clear what Sabu is waiting for, as there is a probability that he will already be behind bars when the time comes to publish those emails, especially considering a police operation to topple LulzSec.

Sabu announced to be “past the point of no return”, claiming that he is technically on the run and it would be his “own friends” eventually taking him down. Ironically enough, the person who could offer greater evidence in the corruption case against the paper would likely get a longer sentence than any phone-tapping footmen if being apprehended. The interview in question revealed a bit more about Sabu’s identity, providing further credence to claims that he appeared to be a New Yorker of Puerto Rican origin in his thirties.

Industry observers approached the newspaper to get a response to the hacker’s claims, but News International refused to provide any comments. The paper’s response about if criminally obtained data collected by the worldwide-known hacker group should be allowed as evidence, the representative would only say that they were collaborating with the police on this matter.

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