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Saturday, October 22, 2011

iPhone 4S Officially Went On Sale

The latest gadget introduced by Apple, the iPhone 4S, has officially gone on sale in the United States and 6 other countries a week ago. However, the demand turned out to be stronger than expected, which means that those customers who didn’t care to pre-order one of the gadgets may find it difficult to find any device available for purchase.

The company announced that it has already sold over 1 million units of the iPhone 4S within the first week, the next day Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died, which stoked massive attention on Apple. Meanwhile, the original reactions to the device, which was introduced a couple days before, had been tinged with some disappointment, because it appeared to be only an upgrade to the previous version of the device – iPhone 4. At the same time, the public was waiting for a completely newly designed iPhone 5.

Despite the fact that iPhone 4S looks the same as the previous model of the phone, it still features a sharper screen, faster processor and better camera. These features are all among the list of the basic upgrades of the device. In addition, the newly introduced device also runs the company’s latest operating system known as iOS5.

This operating system was also introduced last week, along with the Apple’s online file system called iCloud. It turned out that the demand for all those services was so high that it overwhelmed the company’s servers. As a result, many customers got error messages.

At the moment, there are several models on sale. For example, in the United States, the 16GB model is currently sold for as much as $199, while the 32GB model is $299, and the 64GB one – $399. Apart from the United States, the devices are currently sold in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Meanwhile, China is also ready to offer the customers iPhone 4S – unofficially, of course. Moreover, you can also buy devices named iPhone 5 and even iPhone 6 on that market. As you can understand, the grey and fake market in China is really amazing, and new model of iPhone appeared there even before the official release of the device, which appeared to be NOT iPhone 5 that China has been successfully selling for a while now. As for the original but grey models, they are also sold in the country, brought from Australia and the United States, without a contract and unlocked.

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