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Monday, October 17, 2011

Scammers Exploited Steve Jobs Death

The reports are that Internet scammers keep trying to cash in on the death of Steve Jobs. They offer Apple fans pictures from Jobs’ funeral, coupled with free iPads in Steve’s memory, as well as the links to purported memorial websites which in reality are infected with malware.


Internet users are warned to be careful when observing the news and articles about the death of the legendary Steve Jobs. The first scam attempt on Facebook purported to offer free iPads in memory of the Apple’s founder. Web security company Sophos reported that this scam was posted only 2 hours after Steve Jobs died last week. Sophos pointed out that at least 25,000 people from hundred countries had already followed the link. This action led them to a “survey” website, where the people were suggested to fill out the form with their private information to receive an opportunity to qualify for the nonexistent prizes.

Senior security consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley, pointed out that unfortunately, like with the deaths of other figures in the public eye, the scammers were there immediately after the sad event, waiting to benefit from bad news and others’ sorrow. Graham Cluley warned Internet users that are concerned about their safety to expect more similar scams in the following weeks, because cyber criminals increasingly use social networking methods to allure Internet users onto webpages where they can be duped into survey scams or may become a target of malware attacks.

The security experts admit that it would not be quite a surprise if there appear scams attempting to raise money from people willing to make a tribute to Steve Jobs and “donate” to his favourite charities. The death of Steve Jobs immediately sparked an incredible surge of comments on all social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. For example, Twitter alone has thus far generated around 2.5 million mourning tweets from the moment of Apple founder’s death.

There are also a number of other scams that, for instance, are engaged into offering Internet users exclusive pictures from Steve Jobs’ funeral. There are also a lot of online advertisements that entice people to visit sites providing a chance to win free MacBook Pros, as they say, “in memory of the late Apple leader”.

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