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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More About Google’s Chrome OS

Finally we have our first look at Chrome OS, Google’s own answer to our operating system needs. They are trying to revolutionize the way we look at our system and they asked themselves how they should do it. They practically trashed everything that we used to know as an operating system and started from scratch. It appears to people that Microsoft and Linux are the greatest competitors and Mac and the others follow their lead, but we must keep in mind that once in a while somebody can come up with an elegant solution to our needs.

Many people think that Chrome OS is the one that will make it. But the team at Google is a little skeptical about their success, they even stated that it’s a little funny that Chrome is mentioned as a competitor to Microsoft or any other, they are still away from the launch, and it’s still not stable enough to run without a virtual machine like VMWare or VirtualBox in Linux.

Some of you might ask what the fuss is all about anyways. Well they did rethink the whole system, maybe even a little too much. Do you all remember the simple days when we used to watch movies on our computers and listen to music, hang out doing some writing like I’m doing in this article? Yeah, I know, you are all still doing it like that right now. They think it’s no longer needed the way it is and that the whole system can be based on the web browser you own, and can you please guess on which browser they think, well none other than their own homegrown Chrome.

As it’s becoming clearer, the whole operating system is not just open source, but basic, minimalistic. You can use it to look around on the net, listen to music, watch videos where ever you want or check your mails, chat, send and receive files, share and care. But that’s it. You are limited to browsing and no programs on your PC. To be fair if you know what you are doing you can make your applications into a web site, but it’s very complicated.

So, how do they expect to win over the people. The easiest answer would be that the system is more of an idea for the web books or net books used for browsing around while you are not at home. For that they are perfect, not using too much RAM or HDD memory. The files that Chrome is planning to use is “stateless”, it’s not on your machine, it is only on the internet, ready to be used whenever it’s needed.

They look nice, but if you don’t see the login screen or the screen with the menu which you can activate with clicking on the chrome icon in the left upper corner, you will think it’s just Chrome browser in Windows.

So what else is changed. They have the same effect as all new operating systems, to drag a program to the side of the screen and make it attached there and automatically compress the other active window to share the screen at the same time. There are some effects for closing applications like the chat or reminders or minimizations. But I could talk about the minor adjusts they did to the almost perfect Chrome browser.

To honest, it’s a great idea. To make the browser the center of your PC space, automatically being on the net when you start up your system, but many of us are more use to the old-school system, where we can install, remove, modify or copy files, burn disks, encode or just be left alone sometimes.

So bravo for the Google team, they have shown their innovative spirit and dedication to a new way of looking at the world. I admire every attempt to improve something that is becoming more of a tradition than a standard. Google has lived up to it’s name and created something that nobody expected. We must pay our respects to these guys because they are always ahead of the competition.

There are some marginal errors in the thought of all our stuff being away from our sight, feeling unsecure about the safety of the server that stores the files etc.

Anyways we need to congratulate on the idea and the effort these guys are doing, because it’s the future, maybe with some compromise but nonetheless it’s what awaits us.

For more sneak preview about Chrome you can visit the links below:


-Fan based:

Hope everyone enjoys the new OS, or at least gives it a spin. Just felt the need to share a little more about this new operating system, exclusively open source from Google.

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