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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Google Will Update Anti-Piracy Policy

As you might remember, Google launched its anti-piracy plan back in December 2010. Now the policy was updated by the company, which decided to include some novelties to the plan. For example, Google’s new strategy would include fighting copyright violation by the removal of takedown requests within one day. In addition, it would eliminate terms closely associated with piracy from its own search results.


After having launched the initial plan, the search giant was really busy by improving its system used in deleting material alleged of infringing the copyright legislation. The latest statement of the company claimed that the instruments developed for its system had been made available to Google’s partners making up 75% of all URLs mentioned in Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests for Internet search.

Senior vice president and general counsel at the company, Walker, said that the company’s response time for the above mentioned partners was now well below the one-day target. That’s why in the nearest future Google would be making such instruments available more broadly to the partners that had launched a track record of submitting proper takedown requests.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act forces online service like YouTube to take measures and delete content alleged of violation unless they want to take all the responsibility for making unauthorized material available on the Internet for everyone to stream and download. Nevertheless, aside from the content located on YouTube, Internet search also falls under the same restrictions. That’s why Google has been trying to satisfy these demands by doing its best to roll out from search results terms connected with Internet piracy.

Meanwhile, under the same policy over fighting copyright violation Google is trying to delete from its AdWords program the material that might raise some legal issues as well. The company was forced to do that after facing a $500 million fine just because it displayed advertisements that appeared to illegally advertise Canadian drug sales.

Walker confirmed that within the last few months the company had worked hard in order to enhance its internal enforcement procedures. This included asking copyright owners to specify their top priorities for review.

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