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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Google Chrome Is Close To Becoming #2 Worldwide

One of the Internet statistics companies revealed that Google’s Chrome browser is very close to the point of killing off Firefox as the number 2 most popular browser worldwide.

StatCounter is engaged in tracking browser usage with the help of different analytics instruments offered by the service to websites. The statistics firm recently claimed that Google Chrome is about to pass Firefox to take the place number 2 behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) in two months.

The global average user share of Chrome for the past month was 23.6%, while Firefox boasted 26.8% and Internet Explorer was at 41.7%. The statistics company pointed out that the rise of Google Chrome had been dramatic. Indeed, the browser has gained 8 percentage points since the start of this year, which was almost 50% increase. But this is not the most surprising in the statistics: the matter is that the Chrome growth turned out to be at the expense of Firefox and Internet Explorer that have both dropped 4 percentage points.

These numbers are not exactly what the Internet industry considers significant. In addition, a company like StatCounter can’t be regarded as the universally acknowledged standard for Internet browser use. Instead, many industry experts prefer using Net Applications numbers. Earlier in 2011, this company predicted that Google Chrome could have a 17.8% share by the end of this year, short of Firefox’s forecasted 22.3%. However, if the pace of change continues, Google Chrome should pass Firefox on Net Applications’ chart by the middle of next year.

Although these numbers are not that shocking as those of StatCounter, they still indicate that Google Chrome is rapidly developing and growing faster than many of us could ever expect. In other words, if Firefox and Internet Explorer don’t take quick action, it may end worse for them. 

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