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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Samsung Q3 Info


New design that makes me remind the Z5. Better finish than the Q2 with an aluminium frame. 2 colors available: black and pink.
A good point for the microUSB connector.


The Q3 doesn't have a touch pad like the Q1 and Q3 but tactile buttons! I assume you prefer that like me 
The screen is the same than on the Q2: a LCD 2,2" 320*240. It's quite beautiful but not big enough for video playback.
There is a new matrix menu (I forgot to take a picture of it sorry) and there are different menus availables.
The whole interface comes from the R0. It's almost the same.
Now you can choose the function of the user button. That's better than when you don't have the choice (Q2, R0)


The now playing screen is exactly the same as on the R0. And it supports the same audio codecs (MP3 / WMA / OGG / FLAC / AAC)
What's new then? The SoundAlive engine of course! They are completely different from the DNSe 3.0 so that's a bit discouncerting. No more rock, r&b, jazz, classical but voice, instrument, tweeter, big bass, cafĂ©, concert instead. Fortunately the User SoundAlive is the same than the user DNSe: EQ, 3D & Bass, Concert, Clarity et Audio Upscaler.
I was not able to test the sound quality (I had only Creative EP630 with me and the environnement was noisy).

Other features

The Q3 can play videos without any reconversion (up to 720*480) contrary to the Q2. Of course it can display pictures and text files. There is also a RDS FM tuner and a voice recorder (contrary to the R0)

This new Q3 looks great and much more interesting than the Q2. Unfortunately there is no gapless playback (but I still try to convince Samsung to implement this feature on the next models, I'll never give up^^) and it will only be available in 4 and 8GB in France. The 16GB version won't be sold in France. But that depends on the country. It will be available in Octobre in France (and in 2012 in the USA ahaha )
Announced battery life is: 45hrs in audio and 6h in video playback.

Q3 vs R0 (sorry, I did not have a Q2 with me)

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