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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama Hacked

This is surely shocking news that Twitter account of the US President, BARACK OBAMA, was hacked on Wednesday.

This bravery action was taken by a Frenchman who is unemployed. The guy has been taken into custody now for an offense of criticizing and attacking the Twitter accounts of President Barack Obama and singer Britney Spears. And the same has been confirmed by the French police on Wednesday.

The 25 year old Frenchman collected information and knowledge and became successful in accessing the passwords of administrators and then he used the same knowledge and targeted specially the accounts of US politicians and Stars, as explained by the police cyber crimes unit’s senior member, Captain Adeline Champagnat.

The username that hacker used was HackerCroll. He is now arrested in Clermont Ferrand that’s known as the central French town.


She said, “He didn’t get as far as their personal accounts. But he had gained control of Twitter.” She added that this is not the first time when people tried to access and hack Twitter accounts and tried to control the whole social network as previously FBI pointed out some people doing the same last year and sent a report to French Police that time.

Hacking the accounts opened up many doors for them and enables to do many things like stealing sensitive and confidential information and creating/deleting the accounts.


Champagnat said that he was more interested in gaining information of the private lives of the members he hacks rather than snatching some confidential data. He got carried away because of this delightful pleasure and challenge of proving himself that he can hack accounts.

The main target of the hacker wasn’t money at all but the things is that he wanted to prove himself by hacking Twitter accounts and stealing the information and giving the best evidence of that by posting the sensitive and confidential data stolen on the blogs which are engaged for hackers or pirates, she explained.

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