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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anonymity With A New File-Sharing App

File-sharing is recognized worldwide as a powerful idea which has spread its roots everywhere, even in the farthest reaches of the world. This phenomenon should remain untainted and uncensored, but with the time passing, even though the very idea remains the same, things tend to change. To fight for its freedom, file-sharing turns into decentralized, secure and uncensored services.


One of such services is Tribler, which is now followed by RetroShare – an application that has been available for five years already, but was only noticed worldwide after the demise of MegaUpload. The head of the service confirmed that the interest in the application has massively shot up over the last couple of months.

The statistics revealed that this January downloads from the service tripled due to interest in SOPA being at its peak. Then the traffic more than doubled again last month, after a number of major cyberlockers were closed down or chose to disable sharing. Today RetroShare is getting ten times more downloads than three months ago.

The service works by allowing Internet users to build a private-encrypted file-sharing network. Transferring the content between each other can only be possible after you have exchanged PGP certificates with someone you trust. Meanwhile, all communications are encrypted through OpenSSL, which makes it almost impossible to monitor the network from the outside.

RetroShare is advertised as an opportunity to create a private space online. It is basically a social collaboration network where the users can share whatever they want, a space which is free from everyone’s prying eyes, including the governments, companies and even advertisers. RetroShare developers consider this fact very important, because human’s online freedom is currently under ever increasing threat. This service is free from censorship and will allow you to use any pseudonym, remaining anonymous. There you won’t face the risk of being locked up or banned from entry into a country for some innocent tweet.

In future, the team of the service expects to create a replacement for traditional social networks. It remains to be seen whether it succeeds in this or not, but one thing is clear enough: anonymity today is attracting the greatest interest of file-sharing developers.

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