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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anonymous Members Arrested Worldwide

Interpol has announced they managed to arrest two dozen suspected members of the Anonymous hacking outfit in 4 countries.


Anonymous has long been known for creating an international network of Internet activists engaged in global hacking attacks on governmental and non-governmental online services in sign of protest against people oppressing free speech and endangering freedom of the web. This hacking outfit has, of course, been under police scope from the very start, and now Interpol reports that it took some action recently.

Interpol report says that Anonymous has received a hit after police from Latin America and Europe has arrested twenty-five suspected members. The joint effort of the authorities from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain led to numerous raids and multiple arrests of people between the age of 17 and 40. The police have also confiscated 250 items of equipment and cell phones.

The operation in question was carried out in response to recent DDoS attacks on the online services of the Colombian Ministry of Defence, it presidency, and Chile’s National Library and the Electric Company Endesa. Four people were arrested in Madrid and Malaga, two of them remained in custody, while the other two, including a minor, were bailed. Spanish interior ministry also revealed that one of the four is suspected of being a manager of the hacking group’s computer operations in Spain and Latin America region.

Aside from these facts, one should consider that Anonymous is developing and its main weapon isn’t hacking any more – it’s awareness, because more and more people are awakened to it and embrace it every day online, willing to play a major role in the movement.

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