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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fake Anonymous Operating System Distributed Online

A Tumblr account, which claims to be associated with the well-known hacking group Anonymous, recently announced the launch of their own Linux-based OS. The latter is promised to contain its own suite of hacking instruments on-board.

In reality, the distributed software has been slammed as being packed full of malware, particularly designed to compromise the operating system on which it’s installed.

The operating system itself has been based on Ubuntu. It also uses the Mate desktop. Aside from what a user can normally find on Ubuntu, the software also contains the password cracker named John the Ripper; Ddosim, an instrument designed for simulating distributed denial of service attacks; and SQL Poison – this one searches the sites for security vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, there’s a tiny warning located on the “About” section of the Tumblr page devoted to the new operating system. The warning points out that the software was developed “for educational purposes”. In addition, the site warns that any individual using the operating system to attack any Internet page might end up in jail because it is an evident crime.

However, the tweet from the official Anonymous channel, @AnonOps, has warned that the Anon operating system isn’t associated with the hacktivists, is fake and wrapped in trojans. Hacker News also pointed out that the software wasn’t developed by any genuine source and could be backdoored by any hacker or law enforcement agency.

In response, the developers of “Anonymous” operating system have published another Tumblr post, saying that in their world, in Linux and open source, no viruses can exist. Still, they didn’t deny that it may be a trojan horse instead.

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