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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Court Gave Dotcom Some Of His Money Back

Entertainment industry wasn’t happy this morning to wake up and find out that a New Zealand court had provided the owner of MegaUpload file-sharing service with access to $250,000 of his seized assets.


Currently the founder of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, is awaiting extradition to the United States on copyright infringement charges. Although the United States didn’t manage to leave him in prison while his hearing was considered, entertainment industry was still happy that while under house arrest Dotcom couldn’t spend a cent to fight them with.

Today the court of New Zealand changed its mind and freed about a quarter of a million dollars in seized assets so that Dotcom could pay for living expenses, including nannies and bodyguards. This money should be enough to cover lease costs of Dotcom’s multi-million dollar mansion outside of the capital city, as well as payments to his staff and other living expenses like phones and power.

According to media reports, the New Zealand High Court granted Kim Dotcom an interim payment of around NZ$32,000 in order to allow him cover immediate living costs and the use of a car while awaiting for a final court decision on continuing financial support. Everyone can agree that Dotcom needs some money to support his family, as he has three kids and his wife is due to give birth to twins soon.

Meanwhile, the US claim that Dotcom represents a high flight risk, since he’s had multiple passports, sources of money, access to different means of travel, and a record of fleeing to avoid criminal charges. Nevertheless, the court of New Zealand decided all these allegations were rubbish, as Dotcom was forced to wear an electronic bracelet.

The entertainment industry of the United States might be a little surprised that New Zealand fails to do what it’s told. The legal system in the country isn’t bad, and as far as it’s concerned, there hasn’t been any evidence that the charges against the MegaUpload founder are correct. If, for some reason, Dotcom actually appears innocent, then the justice system of New Zealand would have helped ruin a perfectly reasonable businessman’s career and life, just on the whim of the foreign entertainment industry. One may guess that it’s not what the Kiwis would be happy with. 

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