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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Application Developers Promise Privacy

It looks like the biggest companies in the mobile software business are willing to protect the users from ourselves too much. Following Google’s Privacy Policy change, the CEO of the company got a letter from American lawmakers with “serious concern” about the company’s “flat-rate” privacy policy which is claimed to fail cautioning the Internet users well enough.


This has caused another warning from the American lawmakers about the privacy concerns regarding the way mobile applications are using the private information of the user. The authorities believe that the developers aren’t diligent enough in notifying the users of the ways their information can be used.

They also pointed out that the wide range of nowadays’ popular applications didn’t provide privacy warnings on how your sensitive information is accessed. Worse still, some applications can tap directly into your address book, whether you want it or not, to access your contacts’ details.

These concerns of the top American lawmakers have been emphasized by an impending threat of litigation if nothing is done to protect people’s private information. In a moment’s notice a number of the apps’ developers, including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, HP and RIM have rallied a covenant and developed a course of action in order to placate any types of privacy the government may be concerned about.

The experts expect expressing even greater concern and tracking the software designers who fail to warn users in adequate way. Nevertheless, there is no legislation in the world that can force people to read the text of licensing agreements and privacy notices when they simply cannot bother to skim through the legal jargon. Indeed, everyone can tell for sure that he just shrugged, scrolled down and clicked “Agree”, even though he knew better.

Apple’s App Store and Google Android Market together account for nearly a million of applications, which have already been downloaded around 35 billion times. This number is predicted to reach 98 billion in three years, thus generating a $25 billion market for mobile application revenues.

Looking forward to WOA on our horizon and suggesting that it is met with moderate success, this forecast would definitely short-change the reality of mobile application revenues.

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