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Saturday, March 10, 2012

MegaUpload’s Founder Keeps Fighting Against Extradition

Kim Dotcom’s first words as a free man were that he was confident to win. Meanwhile, he still isn’t off the hook completely as the Department of Justice of the United States keeps working on having the site’s founder and three of his co-workers extradited for conspiracy to violate copyright.


Kim Dotcom was bailed under some conditions, including prohibition to use the web. Besides, his assets were also seized to stop him fleeing his company. Dotcom believes he went way too far and now feels that the action taken against his service was political. Dotcom is also going to fight and win against the extradition attempts of the United States. Meanwhile, he pointed out that the police treated him like on an audition to American Idol after the arrest.

Some of the conditions of his bail weren’t released to the public. The United States are still trying to get their hands on the 38-year-old Dotcom and three of his fellows, insisting that the file-sharing service has caused damages of more than 500 million dollars. Dotcom’s funds were seized by New Zealand’s government, including millions of dollars in investments and such assets as cars and artworks.

The court has finally let Kim Dotcom free. The judge considered that he no longer poses a flight risk, because all his money was transparent. Before, Dotcom had a few attempts to bail, but all of them were denied due to him being regarded as a serious flight risk. Now everything changed for the court – all known assets have been seized and are currently unavailable for the defendant’s use or disposal. Besides, the authorities haven’t found any new assets or accounts of any significance since Dotcom’s arrest, so his submission that he hasn’t concealed any money was confirmed. Finally, the judge admitted that he received an affidavit from the Hong Kong chief financial officer of the closed file-sharing service who vouched for Dotcom.

Today the biggest fear of the United States is that MegaUpload’s founder will try to reach Germany, his native country, as it doesn’t have extradition treaty signed with the United States. Nevertheless, aside from the fact that there’s a law preventing Germans from being extradited to any country, there’s also a treaty between Germany and the United States that could allow Kim Dotcom to be prosecuted in his homeland country if he flees and if German authorities believe it’s necessary.

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