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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Government Officials Found In Cyberlocker’s Userbase

While MegaUpload is trying to reach a compromise with the American Department of Justice to recover their users’ lost information, recent research revealed that some high-ranked American government officials were found to have an account on “evil” MegaUpload.

After the shutdown of MegaUpload, its users have lost thousands if not millions legitimate files. In attempt to recover the legitimate files, the cyberlocker is currently trying to cooperate with the Department of Justice, thus leaving all prejudice aside to the benefit of MegaUpload’s users.

The legal team of the file-sharing service is currently working hard, trying to reunite their users with their information. MegaUpload continues negotiations with the Department of Justice, asking it to allow all its users to retrieve their files. When considering different options to grant access to the seized data, the legal team of the cyberlocker has stumbled upon a very interesting fact: it turned out that a lot of American government officials also had an account with the service. MegaUpload was surprised to find a great number of the accounts from American government officials, including the users from Department of Justice and the Senate. Kim Dotcom hopes that he will soon receive the permission to grant them and the other MegaUpload users access to their data.

Trying to support the closed cyberlocker, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has even started the campaign called “MegaRetrieval”. The outfit helps MegaUpload identify more users who have lost access to their legitimate personal data. Their common goal is to help people get their content back as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Generally, all consumer outfits are very concerned about the implications the indictment in question will have for the future of cloud computing and cyberlockers, and overall innovation. EFF points out that it is hard to imagine how the nature in which this goes down will not have a chilling effect going forward. The outfit hopes to come up with processes for further cases that would be able to counteract that.

In case the joint efforts of MegaUpload and EFF prove to be successful, next week we will see a cyberlocker back online to let its users recover their personal data.

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