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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Will MegaUpload Founder Get His Property Back?

Last week the press revealed the latest development in the case of famous file-sharing service MegaUpload. According to the reports, its owner Kim Dotcom may get some of his belongings back, including electronic devices, documents, and cars, thanks to procedural misconduct.


Despite the sad fact that MegaUpload service might never be back again, it founder Kim Dotcom has started to recover from this huge blow. Since his local authorities have admitted that there were some procedural mistakes made before seizing his belongings, the police may have to give them back to Dotcom.

During a TV interview that was taken at Kim Dotcom’s house, where he is currently forced to stay, MegaUpload owner explained that the company has been sued only once. It has never happened before, and no film company or major copyright outfit ever launched a lawsuit against the cyberlocker. Meanwhile, MegaUpload has spent millions of dollars on legal advice over the last years, and the company’s legal advisers assured the service was always secure.

Kim Dotcom was also talking about the history of his file-sharing service – about its enormous success, and welfare, and about how the Motion Picture Association of America removed more than 15,000,000 infringing links from the site. Dotcom also pointed at the issues of an obsolete business model in which the entertainment industry is sinking fast enough. In return, he suggested another business model – the one where everybody is able to access the content at the same time. That’s how the industry can eliminate a piracy problem, instead of continuing protecting an outdated monopolist business model which doesn’t even work anymore in our online era.

Today Dotcom is waiting for a court decision on whether he will recover his belongings. Meanwhile, his lawyers are trying to prove the local authorities lack of faith.

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