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Sunday, March 25, 2012

FBI Warned About Hackers

The citizens of the US realized that hackers could easily bring down the government servers. FBI has warned that it’s just a matter of time before cyber attackers bring down the servers of the government in the United States.


Director of the FBI is reported he have warned The Congress of terrorist hacking when he asked the government for more cash funding. He claimed that so far terrorists haven’t used the worldwide web for a full-scale hacker attack, but it doesn’t mean that the situation will remain unchanged. According to the FBI, terrorists have shown interest in acquiring hacking skills and the information is that they are training their own recruits and hiring outsiders. As a result, these adaptations of the terrorist threat made the FBI’s counter terrorism mission much more difficult.

The press reports say that FBI told Congress how in the end of February the world’s known hacker group Anonymous has hacked into a phone conversation between FBI authorities in New York and law enforcement in London.

Although it isn’t clear whether the government would buy the story of a cyber terrorist hacking attack on the United States, there are signs that the FBI will get the extra cash it asked for. During the past year, the FBI has shown some success against hacker groups and arrested sixteen people across ten states. Nevertheless, the hacking outfit is still rather busy.

For example, one of the individuals caught by the police in their round up of Lulzsec hackers turned out to be someone who led a nonprofit group in Galway dedicated to making online services more secure. His name was Darren Martyn and he was a local chapter leader of the Open Web Application Security Project, engaged in developing open-source applications in order to improve security of the network. He resigned last week after learning the news of the arrests. His Facebook page says that he graduated from the National University of Ireland in Galway and among people who inspired him there were reformed hacker Kevin Mitnick, security professional HD Moore and, surprisingly enough, Mahatma Gandhi, who wasn’t actually known for his hacking skills.

Darren Martyn was mentioned in the same indictment as Jake Davis, who was accused of being Topiary, and Ryan Ackroyd, who was accused of being Kayla. In the hacker outfit known as Lulzsec Martyn was known under nicknames of Pwnsauce and Networkkitten. Since Martyn is mentioned in the indictment as a resident of Ireland, it isn’t clear whether the Irish will turn him over.

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