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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Australian Woman Stole From Nigerian Scammers

It seems that the Nigerian scammers should have checked the references of their Australian accomplice much more carefully to make sure they get what they want. According to the local media reports, the scammers carried out an online car fraud, for which they used a Brisbane woman named Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey, 23, as their Australian front.

Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey insists that she wasn’t connected with the Nigerians and had no idea they were scammers: her part in the deal was only to provide them with a bank account and get 8% of the takings for her job. Nevertheless, after the scam netted $30,000 from their online car sales racket, Cochrane-Ramsey changed her mind and decided to get all the money and go spending spree.

As you might understand, the Nigerian scammers couldn’t complain to the police. However, the car buyers that found themselves ripped off did complain to the police of Brisbane. The authorities were fast enough to find the woman and knock on the door of Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey.

It seems that the Nigerians should have carried out a background check on Cochrane-Ramsey, because in this case they would have discovered that she had a record of stealing and different property offences. Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey admitted one of the charges (that of aggravated fraud), and it looks like the court believes she really didn’t know anything about the Nigerians being scammers – she just believed that she was ripping off some ordinary employers.

The judge in the case described Cochrane-Ramsey as having a “dishonest bent”, but still adjourned the sentence in order to give the woman more time to provide further details of assets she claimed was in a bank account that could allow her to make some repayments.

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